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Il Pane di Lentini The bread of Lentini

Once women are concerned with the preparation of the bread: they bring it to the bakery for having it baked in stone oven fueled by wood.

The bread, when baked, was shared with the owner of the bakery in payment for his work.

Today the dough is made with semolina flour, durum wheat, salt and water. The yeast used is that of beer, although many bakers are returning to the so-called "crescenza".

The dough rests for an hour or two, depending on the season and the amount of yeast used. The breads are all about half a kilo and are molded in the shape of "S" and sprinkled on the surface with sesame seeds. Cooking, about forty-five minutes, occurs in stone ovens fueled by wood.

The bread Lentini is characterized by its compact soft foam with small, thin, soft crust.

The bread of Lentini, produced accordingly to tradition, is a Slow Food Presidium, thus among the products of excellence that the artisanal food movement is committed to safeguard and promote.

Il Pane di Lentini

The strict rules of production include the use of durum wheat semolina variety of regional production in Sicily, water, sea salt and the exclusive use of "crescenza" the end of a trial period during which the small percentage of beer yeast used as starter still will gradually decrease.

The result will be a slow-rising bread even more rich in flavors and fragrances, and more digestible for longer, improving further the characteristics of a product already appreciated by consumers.

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