The town of Lentini

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The Archaeological Museum

The old Leontinoi, one of the first Greek subcolonies   founded in 729 BC, offers evidences of different periods of civilization: Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages, Hellenistic, late Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Medieval periods.
All its history is well displayed in the very rich Archaeological Museum.

Its collection, ordered and displayed to the public in seven rooms, includes findings related to the following subjects dated back to different hystorical periods: Quaternary period (ROOM 1); Prehistory (ROOM 2); Native settlements between 9th and 8th century BC (ROOM 3); The Greek city: the settlement (ROOM 4); The Greek city: fortifications and sanctuaries (ROOM 5); The necropoli (ROOM 6); Late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval periods; Underwater findings; Numismatics (ROOM 7).

Photo © The walls of the Antica Leontinoi

All findings (pottery, stone and metal ware, sculptures, earthenware figures, frescoes) come from the archaeological sites in the territory of Lentini, Carlentini and Augusta. Amongst the richest we mention: S. Mauro, Gisira, Campolato, Castellana, Valsavoia, Cugno Carrubbe, Metapiccola, St. Eligio, Crocifisso, St. Maria La Cava.

The collecting of the findings has started a number of researches aiming to know their composition, function, utilization, as well as data related to location, time and social background of construction and utilization.

The museum main goal is to analyze the findings in order to understand the history of makers and users.

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