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Sasizza di tonno du zì Nicola (Uncle Nicholas's tuna sausages)


Fresh tuna about kg. 1, breadcrumbs gr. 200, grated caciocavallo or pecorino cheese gr. 50, cloves 6, salt gr. 25, a bunch of parsley, black and Cayenne pepper, a cup of red wine, 2 metres of skin for sausages.

Uncle Nicholas's tuna sausages


Buy a nice chunk of fresh tuna, possibly "tunnina" that is the female tuna. Chop roughly and place in a pan.

Dress with breadcrumbs, grated cheese, salt, black pepper and Cayenne pepper (finely ground), cloves and chopped parsley.

Mix all the ingredients and water with some red wine, which you will also use to wet your hands while kneading. Let the mix stand for a few hours.

Wash the sausage skin well (previously bought at the butcher's) with salt.

If necessary, turn the inside out, wash with tap water, and if you do not have the appropriate device for making sausages, use a large funnel, pressing the fish with your thumb.

Tie the skin now and again, in order to have small chunks. Cook sausage in the sauce you have previously made: in a pan brown three large chopped onions, peeled tomatoes and some white wine.

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