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The Canyon of Cassibile and her wonders

Embedded between the throats dug from the rivers in the tender limestone of the ibleo tavolato one, Large Quarry of the Cassibile is sure extraordinary and evocative. In all the lblei, probably, not are an other dramatic atmosphere of therefore and wild natural beauty.

It Reservoir protection this impressive long crack approximately ten kilometers, wide more or less one and deep, in some points, until three hundred meters.

On its bottom the Cassibile slides that continues slowly to eroderne cliffs, forming, with its limpid waters, small and deep smalls lake.

To come down on the bottom of the quarry means to isolarsi totally and to enter in an only made atmosphere of rivoli of water, cliffs to strapiombo and nearly invisibili presences of birds in the folto of the spot.


The smalls lake of the Cava del Cassibile Photo © Affinità Elettive


The cascade of the Large lake Photo © Affinità Elettive

Along the river grows a thin one but driven in wrap of ripariale forest. In the bottom of the valley, where limpid and crystalline waters slide, always new landscapes and intact and full natural atmospheres of life are opened to every step.

Photo © Affinità Elettive 

An evocative view of the Cave of Cassibile

One is present also necropoli rupestre, going back to centuries X-XI a.C., second for suggestion only to Pantalica, in which they are found approximately 2000 tombe to grotticella: the paleocristiani ipogei dug in the walls in incredible positions, arranged one to flank deil' other, on very six different levels parallels.

The panorama of the below valley is a show that very rarely is given to see from these leaves.

The protected zone ends to sea tutelando also the small and isolated sabbiose bays around the foce of the Cassibile.

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