The town of Rosolini

Tourism in Rosolini

The Mother Church

Around 50 km from Siracusa, between Cava Grande and Scardina (natural caves), there is Rosolini. The town was a feud founded by the Moncadas in 1713 who gave it the present-day layout.

The town is dominated by the Mother Church (18th century), completed in Neoclassical style at the beginning of the 19th century.

The church was commissioned by Francesco Moncada who appointed for the plan one of Pompeo Picherali's student (1670-1743), an architect from Siracusa.

The church was completed thanks to the  support of the locals, especially the carters who carried the stones mined from Scalarangio Cave for free.

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The mother church

In the facade stands out the central portal, sided by columns which give it an elegant and flexuose look.

The second order, also adorned by columns, is connected to the first order through curvilinear decorations which soften its shape. It ends with a  triangular wall with decorations in relief.

The interior is divided in three naves and has many Classical art elements, perfecting the internal structure.

The church owns a valuable pipe organ, many nice paintings, a choir and an urn containing a Holy Thorn.

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