The town of Buseto Palizzolo

Tourism in Buseto Palizzolo

The Way of the Cross

The town of Buseto Palizzolo extended in the valley at the foot of the Mount Sparagio from which it can be enjoyed wonderful panoramas that space is towards the mount of Erice is towards the sea and the Egadi islands.

It is a seventeenth village and its history, its art and its landscapes are very rich; they reflect the homogeneous culture peasants which exalts its customs and ancient traditions in a very careful way.

Just in this rural atmosphere, made of gestures and simple things, the solemn procession of the Way of the Cross takes place. It is repeated every year on the Palm Sunday (during the Easter period) and passes through the streets of the town.

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The Way of the Cross

It is originated in 1981 thanks to the engagment of a group of young busetani people. After many years they wanted, in this way, to make to live again this evocative tradition and inserted it in the rites which take place during the Holy week.

The performance is very important from a sacred and cultural point of view and it takes place during the night. It is made up of 15 (initially they were 11) living statuesque groups which draw their inspiration from the different moments of the Evangelical Way of the Cross such as the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of Jesus Chist.

The actors, without speaking, begin their walk and make to relive every moment of the last ones of Jesus Christ's life.

They start from the episode happened in the Garden of Gethsemane till the episode of Christ's apparition to the women which includes the procession.

Just why it is a living procession, it in the time has been improved in the contents, in the scenography, in the customs (produced by the local handicraft), in the make-up and also in the selection of the dummy so to be more and more faithful to the Evangelical Scriptures and reflect completely the sincere religiousnes of the fellow citizens.

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