The town of Calatafimi

Tourism in Calatafimi


Following the traces of the Elimi, a very ancient people mixed of Sicilian natives and foreign immigrants probably from Anatolia, along the slope of mountain on which is placed Erice, the aother sacred town of elimi, it arrives at Segesta.

Segesta is not too far from Calatafimi, placed among soft hills, it shows all over the world two beautiful works: the Temple and the Theatre.

The Doric-Sicilian Temple ie erected on a small hill and from there it dominates over the surrounding valley. Built outside the town walls in the last thirty years of the V century B.C., it has achieved us, having won its battle against the time, perfectly intact but incomplete.

Photo ©© Reti e Sistemi The Temple

Inside, under the open sky, is lacking of the cell and this made scholars think that it was an open air altar enriched by doric structures so that it seemed a temple.

Certainly its shapes are so beautiful that, like it is said by someone, they compete with the Parthenon in the fineness of their refinements.

From the east extremity of the Mount Barbaro appered in the valley of Segesta the Greek Theatre.

Its building dates back to the second half of the II century B.C. and was altered by the Romans in the next period.

It is surely an architectonic pearl, excavated in the rock, with about twenty gradins divided into seven wedges, probably provided with an underground passing through which actors came out on the stage surprising the audience.

The place of Segesta
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The temple of Segesta
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The superb and natural scenary of the archaeological park of Segesta is completed by a great sanctuary of the IV-V centuries B.C. with rectangular shape and inside of it is possible to admire the ruins of Doric temple.

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