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Campobello di Mazara Campobello di Mazara

Text Franco Rodriguez
Direction Giovanni Montanti
Shooting Gianni Basciano Enzo Lucchese
Assembling Gianni Basciano
Voice over Giancarlo Cara
Post-production Lucchese Video
Duration min. 38
VHS/PAL: Euro 20,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
VHS/NTSC: USD 35,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

Il Sole Editrice

Campobello rises in the heart of Val di Mazara, in an exquisite plain, frequented since ancient times. Founded during the first half of the XVII century by Don Giuseppe of Naples, the city is characterized by a various texture of orthogonal mesh, developed around a main axis, today embodied in Garibaldi Street; along this street are some of the town's most important architectural creations: Palazzo Ducale, baroque style; Palazzo di Città; Palazzo Accardi, residence of the Museum of the rural civilization; and the Mother Church, which beholds one of the thirty-three wooden crucifixes carved by Frà Umile of Petralia.

The habitants of Campobello are especially religiously attached to this simulacrum, and each year they renew their ancient faith organizing a pictorial religious procession, traditionally anticipated by a suggestive horse race.

Not far from Campobello di Mazara are the Cave di Cusa, from which men had once extracted the stones the temples of Selinunte are built with. These open mines represent the precious completion of the archeological visit of the Selinunte Park, and there is still the stone-engraved representation of a mine yard of 2500 years ago.

Campobello's history is also written along the coasts, where it is possible to visit some XVI century towers, built to fortify the Sicilian coasts, and where the bathing establishments of Torretta Granitola and Tre Fontane, with their clear, clean waters, represent a wonderful option for tourists who come visit this land, whose potentials are still to be discovered, and where the never-ending "African" summer goes happily by, among the warmth of the hospitality, and the numerous, amusing forms of entertainment.


Perle di Sicilia - Edizioni Affinità Elettive Perle di Sicilia
Trapani, Selinunte, Marsala, Egadi, Erice, Mozia, Pantelleria, Segesta.

Authors: Maria Rosaria Falcone and Romilda Nicotra
Pages: 176.
Written in Italian language with pictures.
Also available in English, French and German.
Price: Euro 10,33
Publication time: june 1998.

Edizioni Affinità Elettive

"The territory of Trapani has numerous characteristics tied one to the other that constitute the same spirit of this province. Ecology, traditions, architecture, beaches, gastronomy, archaeology, mystery, history, adventure, handicraft, culture represent a single chain connecting all the centers and all people.

The monumental, artistic and archaeological patrimony of this earth is immense. Prehistoric coves, rests of mysterious people, Punic locations, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Baroque, Renaissance and modern architecture. A sweet, wild, gorgeous nature surronds the human work.

Beautifulst gulfs, golden beaches, wild water reefs, course, sweet valleys, imposing mountains, lacustrine sites, natural reservoirs, salt magical yields from the games of the sun, volcanic islands.

The only true defect of the province of Trapani is that it does not enter all in a suitcase."

The authors collected in this volume the genuine soul of this splendid location, along with beautifulst pictures and a lot of useful information such as timetables, lodges, restaurants, stores and a calendar for events covering each month of the year.

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