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The black bread of Castelvetrano The black bread of Castelvetrano

The black bread of Castelvetrano, famous in the whole Sicily, has got a characteristic shape called "vastedda", a round loaf, and a characteristic toasted-coffee black colour, on which the sesame shines.

It is compounded by a mixture of native hard wheat flours, the one of blond wholemeal sicialian hard wheat, and the one made by an ancient variety of local wheat, the "tumminia".

The working is carried out with craftmade systems: the rising is long, natural and gives the bread compactness and structure.

The long rising is essential in order to the bread has fragrance, softness, a long conservation, it can also be consumed after 8 days.

The mixture is realized with bran of natural leaven, said biga, an acidified dough of the previous day, and water.

At the end of the mixture, after about an hour of resting, finally it is broken, shaped and left to rising again for another hour.

The baking occurs in stone oven feeded with olive fronds. When the flames are extinguished they clean accurately the oven with a palmet broom with a very long handle and then they put the bread into the oven, the bread is cooked slowly without fire while the temperature of the oven decreases.

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