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Cala Rossa (Red Buy)

Favignana (C.A.P. 91023) (Zip Code 91023) is far 18 km. from Trapani which province it belongs to. The municipality has 4.560 inhabitants and its area is of 3.745 hectares, while its density of population is of 122 inhabitants per square kilometre. It is a seaside town and is placed at an average of 10 metres above sea-level.

The Town Hall is palced in piazza Europa, tel. ++39 0923-920011 fax. ++39 0923-921403.

E-mail address is:

The islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo form the arcipelago of the Egadi islands.

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Cala Rossa (Red Bay)

Favignana, the ancient Egusa (full of goats), has taken its name from the wind "Favonio", which blows in spring.

Its history is connected with the family Florio, who established a tuna station.

In fact the traditional mattanza takes place in Favignana (in May), it is a complicated ritual of tunny fishing.

The main town of the arcipelago is Favignana, placed in a wide bay dominated by the Forte St. Caterina, an old Saracen stationing, rebuilt by the Normans and used as a prison during the Bourbon period.

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Spiaggia di Favignana

The island is characterized by beaches and bays which are really evocative, among them there are Cala Azzurra (Blu Bay), a small sandy bay, Cala Rossa (Red Bay), a small rocky bay and the large beach of the Burrone Lido.

The caves are very beautiful, like the Grotta Azzurra (Blu Cave for the blu colour of its water); the Grotta degli Innamorati (The Lovers' Cave) (for the presence of two identical rocks placed to the wall on the ground) and finally the Grotta dei Sospiri (The Cave of Sighs) (which lets its moanings out when the sea is rough).

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