The town of Favignana

Tourism in Favignana: the isle of Levanzo


Levanzo il the northest isle of the Egadi's archipelago that comprises, more than Levanzo, also the isles of Favignana and Marettimo, along with the two tiny isles of Formica and Maraone.

Levanzo has a decise hilly aspect: the highest hill, named Pizzo Monaco, is two-hundred and seventy-eight meters above the sea level high.

Shaped in a sort of triangle way, Levanzo il smaller than Favignana and Marettimo, having a surface less than sis square kilometers wide and a coastal line of less than fifteen kilometers.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì 


Levanzo il also the most ancient isle of the archipelago. The isle was formed during the Triassic age, more than two-hundred millions years ago.

The history and the developing of the human presence in Levanzo is quite singular.

Levanzo was inhabitated since the Olocene Age (10.000 years B.C.) when it was still a part of Sicily.

This is testifyed by the graffiti and the paintings that can be seen into the "Cove of the Genuan", dating back to the Pleistocene and the Neolithic age.

Justa very few people where living in Levanzo at any time, due to the proximity of Sicily and the limitated water and land resources.

Even the actual village dates back just to 1850: before that time people simply lived in the numerous coves of the isle.

All of this allowed Levanzo to maintain an untouched nature with more than four-hundreds species of plants some of whose are unique of Levanzo.

Levanzo Photo © Luigi Nifosì Levanzo Photo © Luigi Nifosì

There is juas a single road in the isle, that crosses the same isle from south to north.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì 


No cars, no motorbykes, thus allowing the inhabitants , as well the guests, to enjoy a full calm and quiet in the little village rising near Cala Dogana, on the sea, and dominated by an ancient watch-tower.

In the northern side of the isle there is the "Cove of the Genuan", a large cove in the rock where numerous prehistoric graffiti and paintings can be viewed.

These were discovered in 1949 and are worthwhile for the accuracy of the facture and for the emotinal impact that they give.

Their beauty can be compared with the famous graffiti nad paintings of Altamura, in Spain, and they suffice to justify a visit to Levanzo.

The coast of Levanzo is made by countless gulfs and little beaches each showing a particular fashion: they are too numerous to be described one by one.

We mention here just Cala Dogana, Cala Tramontana, very characteristic for the color of the rocks and the transparence of the sea, and Cala Minnola.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì A landscape from Levanzo
A landscape from Levanzo
Photo © Luigi Nifosì The sea of Levanzo
The sea of Levanzo

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