The town of Gibellina

Tourism in Gibellina

The Orestiadi

Gibellina is, so to say, a mirror town, as there are two places with the same name.

The first one, completely destroyed by the earthquake of January 15th 1968, of which there are only a few ruins left. The second one, the "new" town, designed by many contemporary artists, is a fantastic and original landscape.

The medieval historic city centre of the old town hasn't been recovered except for the road network; the artist Burri re-created the road plan in a suggestive work: the "cretto".

Photo ©© Affinità Elettive Rappresentazione of the Orestea

Every year, among these ruins shaped as a Greek sacred space, takes place a series of classical theatre plays: the Orestiadi of Gibellina.

The "Istituto di alta Cultura - Orestiadi" Foundation started up in 1992 and its head office is at the Baglio Di Stefano, in Gibellina.

The Foundation promotes and organizes, with financial autonomy but also with the contribution of other societies, the "Orestiadi of Gibellina", a yearly festival of prose, etnic music, visual arts and handicraft.

From 1983 to 1985, on the occasion of the Orestiadi, the plays "Gibella dei martirio", "I Cuefuri" and "Villa Eumenidi" have been performed to the Teatro dei Ruderi (Theatre of the Ruins).

Photo ©© Affinità Elettive Sculpture near Baglio Di Stefano

In 1985 Peter Stein directed the Compagnia Teatro nazionale dell'Armata di Mosca in Eschilo's "Orestea".

In 1987 the play "Oresteia" has been performed at the Teatro dei Ruderi.

Actually, these plays, or better, the Orestiadi in general, represent the way Gibellina celebrates its treaty of alliance with the gods: "it rises from its own ashes after having been destroyed by the earthquake, with the firmness of the man who transcends the power of the nature and subjugates her with the beauty of the art, declaring love and passion but creativity above all".

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