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The Museum of Salt

In Paceco's territory, in one of the most beautiful corner of the plan which extends along the coast that joins Trapani to Mazara, on the Mediterranean, is placed Nubia.

The old name of this town derives from the Arabian name to indicate gold, nwb.

Among the soft colours of daisies stands out white and blinding salt.

The view is fashinating: salt collected forming some heaps with geometrical shapes and on the setting there are windmills which are the proof of ancient cultures.

The Museum of Salt has recent origin. The teacher Francesca Pellegrino, during a visit with her classes, was enchanted by an old house of salt next to salt-works of Chiusicella a property of the family Culcasi.

The Museum of Salt
Photo © Reti e Sistemi
Photo © Affinità Elettive

The teacher suggested the creation of a museum that re-proposes salt-works traditions.

So in 1986 the Museum of Salt of Nubia was opened. The old house was restored and furnished with typical tools of salter's work: shovels, staffs, baskets, ropes, and wheelbarrows.

Round the museum there are the decorative salines which are real machineries in the open air.
It is possible to visit the museum all year long, but it is necessary to remember that the salt cycle starts in March and ends in September. The harvest takes place in June, August and September.

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