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The Airport "Filippo Eredia" of Catania


Airport "Filippo Eredia"

Telephone: ++ 39 0957239111

Ticket Office: ++ 39 095345367

Management: ++ 39 095349837

Operation Office: ++ 39 095346338

Parking Box: ++ 39 095349770

Technical Office: ++ 39 095341654

Welcom Desk: ++ 39 095347577

Location: Very close to the city of Catania

Airport Filippo Eredia of Catania Fontanarossa

Main Characteristics

Elevation above sea-level:13 meters.
Location:4,5 Km. far from the city of Catania.
Geographical Position:37 57 '56 " North 15 3 ' 50 " East.
Airport surface:300 hectares.
Runways:08/26 lenght 2550 meters width 45 meters.
Lights:08: runway high grade side lights, optical system for gliding.
26: runway high grade side lights, optical system for gliding.
Radio instruments:

Instrumental landing system, radar of approaching, first category distance measurement system (08), omnidirectional radiopath, radar of approaching, coupled distance measurement system and non directional radio beacon, direction finder, surveillance radar for approaching.

Radio frequencies:Approaching: 119.25
Tower: 118.7
Fuel:Agip, Esso.
More information

Kind of traffic:Information upgrading.
Commercial Services:Information upgrading.
Routes:Information upgrading.
Handling:Information upgrading.
Air Companies:Information upgrading.
Destinations:Information upgrading.