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The province of Caltanissetta

The province of Caltanissetta
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The province of Caltanissetta is situated in the southern part of Sicily. On the sea shore of the Channel of Sicily, it offers a wide variety of panoramas and scenarios.

The place of the Regional Province is in Piazza Marconi, 93100 Caltanissetta (CL). Telephone numbers are: ++39 0934-25202 and ++39 0934-29398. Fax is: ++39 0934-583633. Pubblic relations department has the following toll free number: 800016852 (only for Italian residents). E-mail address of the Province is:

The province consists of the following twenty-two towns:

Acquaviva Platani, Bompensiere, Butera, Caltanissetta, Campofranco, Delia, Gela, Marianopoli, Mazzarino, Milena, Montedoro, Mussomeli, Niscemi, Resuttano, Riesi, San Cataldo, Santa Caterina Villarmosa, Serradifalco, Sommatino, Sutera, Vallelunga Pratameno, Villalba.