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The province of Ragusa

The province of Ragusa
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The province of Ragusa is situated in the south-eastern part of Sicily. On the sea shore of the Channel of Sicily, it offers a wide variety of panoramas and scenarios.

The place of the Regional Province is in Viale Fante, 97100 Ragusa (RG). Telephone number is: ++3900932-228060. Fax is: ++39 0932-245186. Pubblic relations department has the following toll free number: 800752040 (only for Italian residents). E-mail address is:

The province consists of the following twelve towns:

Acate, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Comiso, Giarratana, Ispica, Modica, Monterosso Almo, Pozzallo, Ragusa, Santa Croce Camerina, Scicli, Vittoria.